Helpling a Friend

You might be able to help and support someone you know who is feeling depressed. Here are a few tips to get you started.

- Talk to them: they might be looking for an opportunity to share their feelings

- Listen: you don't have to have the answers, just listening will be a big help

- Remind them of their good points: everyone has some!

- Don't try to force your friend to be cheerful or tell him/her to 'lighten up'

- Spend time together, even if it is just to be there

- Encourage your friend to seek medical help and tell a trusted adult

Remember to take care of yourself whilst you are supporting your friend. You can give help, but you can't make them better, so you'll need a break from time to time. Don't feel pressurised into making promises to your friend not to share what they have told you.

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