Lesson 1: Looking at Our Feelings

To encourage young people to identify what feelings are and the importance of recognizing and responding to these in a healthy way.

lesson 1

Lesson 2: Looking at Depression

To encourage young people to examine their attitudes towards depression.

lesson 2

Lesson 3: Listening to our Bodies

(adapted from Mind Matters Resource Pack 'Stress Life's Hassles' by Marilyn Harvey, Published by Youth Clubs UK, 1999)

To help young people become more aware of the feelings and behaviours associated with stress.

Materials needed:
lesson 3

- Photocopies of the worksheets for every student
- Pens
- Flip chart

Lesson 4: Self Talk

To look at the role thinking plays in shaping our feelings and to become aware of some unhelpful thinking styles.
lesson 4

- 'How realistic are you?' worksheet
-'Unhelpful thinking' worksheet

Lesson 5: The Thinking-Feeling Link

All the materials for this lesson are taken from the excellent Australian Resource 'Beyond Blue', which contains a variety of materials for both teachers and students on personal development.

To illustrate the connection between thoughts and feelings, and how one affects the other.

Lesson 5

- A set of worksheets for each student.

Lesson 6: The Next Step

To encourage young people to think about the effects of depression on individuals and where they can gain support.

Materials needed:
lesson 6

- Photocopy of the Problem Pages with questions
- Copies of any additional worksheets