The Facts

Depression isn't just feeling sad or down. Everyone feels like that at times; if we didn't we wouldn't be human! Depression is an illness of your mind. It is when you are so sad or so down for such a long period of time that it affects your daily life, things such as:

- school
- interests you would normally enjoy
- friends and family
- work

You may feel like this for weeks on end and your mood rarely seems to improve.

If you are depressed you're not a weak person and it's not your fault. If you feel like this, don't be too hard on youself.

Depression is a very common illness, especially among teenagers.

- up to 1 in 5 teenages suffer from depression
- mental health problems are more common among teenage boys than girls, but boys may find it harder to talk about their feelings
- half of teenagers feel stressed most of the time and 1 in 10 do not believe life is worth living

Anyone can become depressed:

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