The Programme

What is Moodmatters?

Moodmatters is a depression awareness programme for young people developed and delivered by Aware Defeat Depression.

What is its purpose?

The purpose of Moodmatters is to increase understanding and knowledge of depression and the importance of mental health among young people, and to increase their likelihood of seeking help when necessary. For adults caring for young people, the purpose is to increase knowledge and understanding of depression in young people and the ability to respond to it.

What are its aims?

The aims of Moodmatters are to:

- increase understanding of moods, mental health and mental health problems
- inform young people about how common depression is
- help young people know the signs and causes of depression
- encourage young people to talk about their problems
- educate young people in methods of self-care/recovery
- empower young people to support those they know who may be ill with depression.
- agencies that can help

Where does the support pack fit into the Mood Matters programme?

As you will be aware the Moodmatters PowerPoint presentation is an integral part of our programme but it is most effective when young people have had the opportunity to prepare for and reflect on the issues raised within their own environment.

Following feedback from teachers we now provide six 35 minute lesson plans, three which can be used before a presentation and three afterwards. Consequently there should be plenty of material at your disposal to enable you to discuss matters relating to mental health and depression with your young people. The lesson plans are as follows:

Pre Visit:  Post Visit 
1. Looking at our feelings.  4. Self-talk. 
2. Looking at depression.  5. The thinking-feeling link. 
3. Listening to our bodies.  6. The next step. 

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